Windows 10 tutorials, guides, tips, tricks, and hidden features. To get updates on the latest tech news, smartphones, and gadgets, follow us on our social media profiles. In the Save As box, type a file name, location, and then selectSave.

Windows apps now feature more aesthetically pleasing curved corners, and the Settings app has more options to change how you interact with the OS thanks to more accessibility features. New sounds and audio cues are available for blind users, and themes for people with light sensitivity or those working long hours have been updated to be easier on the eyes. KMak, every time Apple releases a new version of a device, they update the hardware requirements for its OS, and they make older versions obsolete after a few years . For new users, Windows 11 will seem like a good option with the new design. You get rounded corners, a departure from the sharp edges we’ve seen in Windows for a long time. The Start Menu is now cleaner, featuring pinned apps and a recommended this source tab that shows you files based on your recent usage.

There are no legitimate means to jump the line, so be patient. Panay told viewers of the livestream to buy «Windows 11-ready» PCs, which will become available later this year. Computers must meet new hardware requirements in order to run the new operating system. For one thing, Microsoft said, «Windows 11 Home edition requires an Internet connection and a Microsoft Account to complete device setup on first use.» Microsoft executive Panos Panay drew a contrast on Thursday with other app stores during the Windows 11 launch.

Take a screen shot from command line in Windows

Once you’ve clicked GoFullPage, it will scan the entire web page you’re on. As you can see in the screenshot at the start of this entry, that’s pretty long in Make Tech Easier’s case. From here you can edit, annotate, and download the screenshot, either as a PDF or PNG file.

As per my personal experience, I never had any trouble with it. It will only be necessary for us to download the file to our computer and later unzip it. This will create a new folder where all your files will be saved, so we simply have to execute ThisIsWin11.exe to launch the program. It is convenient to remember that this application is only compatible with Windows 11, so it cannot be used in Windows 10.

Alt + PrtScr Captures the Active Window

If you’re unsatisfied with any of the built-in Windows methods, there are third-party screenshot tools worth considering, each with their own extra offerings. Click on the preview notification to open the Snip & Sketch app and save, share, or edit the screenshot with the available drawing tools. ModeFunctionRectangularSize a rectangle for your screenshot.Free-formDraw free-hand with your cursor.WindowChoose a specific window to capture.Full-screenGrab an image of your entire screen. And if you have it enabled, it’ll also save the screenshot to your OneDrive. Third-party apps offer even more features, like automatically uploading screenshots to the internet. It can be confusing to sort through all the possibilities and zero in on the one that would work best with your gadget.

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Metal 3 brings new features that unleash the full potential of Apple silicon for even greater gaming experiences. The download experience can also be enhanced with some simple tricks. Surely most of you like to have a good game collection accessible to download and enjoy from the PC.

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