If your mic can be seen on the Adjust Microphone Level screen, then you might face the mic not working on the PS4 problem. You can use the PS4’s mic monitoring feature, known as “Sidetone volume”, to check if your mic is working. Mic monitoring feeds your mic input into the headphones, allowing you to hear yourself talking. It’s an excellent way to hear how your friends hear your voice. This is a very common issue where people in voice chat hear you talk twice and there is a very simple reason and an even simpler Fix to Mic echo in PS4. If the headset is not the culprit, you need to check for other possible causes.

Hold it approximately 4-5 inches away and adjust placement as necessary to avoidplosives. An off-mic guest will lack the presence needed to cut through the noise of common listening environments, like the car or subway. Off-mic speech sounds distant, lacks presence and is usually muffled or hollow. You often encounter this issue when you handhold a microphone without using a shock mount.


If dust and the port contact points were not the root-cause of your problem, pursue the following troubleshooting solutions. Check your microphone or headsets, inspect the cord for any traces of physical damage that might prevent the mic from working properly. Make sure there are no specks of dust inside your microphone jack or the USB port you’re using for connecting your USB microphone to your computer.

If the damage is quite extensive, it should be evident in all areas of your headphones, e.g. audio playback, and the mic. First things first, your jacks connectivity, and if it can support a microphone, depends on the number of conductors. The conductors are the bits between the black striped insulation bands. This could be an easy solution, but if it hasn’t solved it, rest assured that your microphone will be delivering great audio to the other side.

#6. Check for App Audio Configuration in Settings

Make sure your video isn’t turned off by checking the Start Video icon in the attendee controls at the bottom of your meeting window. The host may have allowed only telephony audio. In this case, you will not see the message «join meeting with computer audio». You may still be able to join the meeting with video or via phone. If you can’t improve or resolve your connection, check with your internet service provider.

How to prevent your Windows Webcam Mic Test 11 microphone from not working

Mute/unmute is your best friend in a conference call! Not only will you prevent unwanted noise, but should you start hearing an echo, the muting will cut out the feedback loop. First, if you’re using a business phone app, make sure you’re using a compatible headset. This is something that many people miss, but certain phone systems aren’t compatible with every headset—and yep, it’ll affect your call.

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